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    After riding with a passenger for the first time then another 15 miles solo when I finally stopped this happened. Normal? It looks like coolant

    • Most definitely not normal your bike should never be leaking anything passenger or not maybe your passenger got really scared and pissed a little LOL

    • Air in coolant system, or overfilled. Honda book calls for fluid levels to be checked with bike upright, not on side stand. Does rad fan cycle when engine hot and bike not moving? If not look to fan temp switch on bottom right side of radiator.

    • check thermo swicth

    • Definitely coolant

    • This happened to my 1100C2 when it had overheating problems. It is either overheating or overfilled. In my case, the previous owner wired the cooling fan backwards (pushing instead of pulling). If it sounds like the coolant is boiling, it is definitely overheating.

    • Keep in mind the engine has to work harder for two people. Likely just got hotter than usual and spit some fluid out. Run it, carefully, and if it spits out more, start checking your cooling system. In the meantime, check fluid levels and whether the fan is running or not. Could be two switch, relay, fuse, bad temp sensor etc. But rule out what I said first, if I were in your position.

    • Makes sense. I just got it completely overhauled and serviced before I put it up for the winter. My buddy thinks I just had an air bubble

    • Lol you scared the piss out of your bike not good dude

    • Possible too. I wouldnt worry unless it happens again though.