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just picked up this '02 rancher 350 4x4 for $550. when i got it idled just fine but didn't rev. quick carb clean solved that. the gearshift spindle was half broke and totally stripped, so i tore off the ass end of the motor and replaced it and the seal. the secondary clutch on the other side of the motor was making some noise, but for $190 for just a bearing i will run it untill it falls off. it was smoking a lot, and with some investigation i found bad valve seals. new choke cable and valve seals will be here fryday, still thinking about tires. thinking mabey 26" mudlite xt's, they seem to be the best tire for the money right now. got some spray paint tonight gonna paint the exaust pipe and the rims. mabey will get new fenders someday, but right now ive been out of an atv for 3 weeks and really need to get one going im tired of using our mini tractor for everything! this won't ever be a fancy show quad it will be the cheap farm quad lol i will rivet some tin to where the missing fender is for now lol

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  • They great atvs just take care of it

  • Here is mine

  • what size tires do you have?

  • 27s

    Bighorns 2.0

    Super super light weight tires

  • Turn them easy in any condition

  • cool

  • Roy u know when u getting new tires?

  • got 3500$ for my 02 last yr had around 3200 miles as it looks with plow an rear rack ext few other thigns as well i made out but miss it alot nice quad it was

  • is dat 2wd