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so im having some serious shifting problems with my '02 350 4x4. anyone have any ideas? getting tired of fixing my toe shifter because the stupid thing won't shift easy lol

  • Jesse Wilkes i can weld it very strong, and have before. this was a 5 minut get it driving again progect. and if i did weld it wayy too strong, i would strip something in the trans. the shifter pedal is my " fuse" untill i get the parts to fix the trans right.

  • Brace your welds with a plate on each side also

  • How do u have 12 years of experience in something and your 15? That means you've been working in construction since you were 3

  • All that's stuff you listed that you are you still suck at welding

  • James Carson Foskey

  • Joseph Cummings yes i have. i started out sweeping floors and collecting tools and nails. Jesse Wilkes you can stop being an asshole now. i just said #1 i know my wire welding sucks, i am certified in stick welding, and #2 i want my welds to break so i don't fuck up the transmission

  • im done with this group it's just filled with ignorant " professionals" that know everything about everything and won't pay attention to anything anyone else says.

  • Don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you

  • This group has been very good to me. They tried to help you.

  • Your a liar Tristan. Idc who u are. And your welds suck. You wanna act big and bad and be a keyboard warrior so can I. My grandma can lay better beads then u