• Photos from Tudor Toma's post

    Paul Collier your bike looks mint mate, nice seeing you tonight :)

    • Yes thats cool

    • How do you find the chain adjusters. Are they any good?

    • Tudor what camera you got, these look awesome :)

    • Andrew I have a canon 60D with a 50mm 1.4 lens :)

    • Nice, I just bought up the 700D the other day there, still getting to grips with it :)

    • Wish I had a good camera... Just have an iPad to use. Lol

    • Get yourself a 50mm F1.8 lens cheap and one of the best lenses you can get for the money the 18-55 it comes with is very average

    • Just seen them on Amazon there, £64 seems pretty good for that lense. Will probably buy it next payday, what's the difference between them both??

    • Completely different aspect ratio, the F number is much lower so you can shoot in lower light and get less in focus and centre more on a single subject here is a photo I took that shows why a 50mm is great http://tudor97.tumblr.com/imag e/74381633543

    • Oh wow that's awesome, I will be buying that next week then lol thanks Tudor