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My ignition came loose today and by a huge surprise the anti theft bolts that hold the bracket in and the two that hold the actual ignition were not locktited sureley this is a huge oversight on a bolt that should not be removed? Replaced the anti theft bolts with new ones that are not very theft proof but will sure do a damn better job of holding the ignition on the bike, also my vibration in the handlebars has finally been found the bloody thing was caused by the bracket of the ignition vibrating, any questions just ask, this is 110% worth doing if your ignition is loose or your steering lock is wobbly

  • That should 100% be a warranty job right there

  • Happened to me. Warrenty job no problems fixed in 5 mins

  • Bike is too old for warranty and I dont trust my local dealer anymore :)

  • 3 years old already?

  • 2 years is warranty and yup its older than that already

  • They may do it out if good will due to that should never go wrong!

  • Yeah possibly but knowing that the Honda techs at my local literally do not give a single crap about the bikes I would rather spend the time and do it myself not an overly difficult thing to do anyway took 45 mins and have peace of mind that its done properly

  • Buster, funnily enough mine has done the exact same thing yesterday. Both bolts have fallen out holding the ignition in.

  • Not all that funny though eh jack?

  • Go to your local deslers and ask them to do a Watteau claim on it no matter how old the hike if they say no ring Honda direct and demand it done and be like I'll be holding you responsible if it gets stolen