• Photos from Tudor Toma's post

    Finally found some mirrors that I like and are functional for the Grom they fold in as well which is awesome plus the build quality is really surprising for £10

    • look up.

    • Trend setters ^ :P

    • I got them too but I find they vibrate like a bitch after about 45mph ?

    • Are you not afraid that, after some time, these mirror keep moving up and down? I mean the stock mirrors already turn forward and backward...

    • They do vibrate Kyle :'(

    • they do vibrate but its not too bad IMO I got used to it after a while

    • Ah good, thought I had a dodgy pair for a second haha

    • They stop moving down at a certain point like where the joint stops so they physically can't move anymore without snapping them which for me is where I have them anyway

    • Nice build. What's the windshield like thing on front? I need that for mine

    • Andrew its a snail design front windshield does nothing besides make the bike look a bit more aggressive :)

    • Thanks for the input Tudor. It looks super sexy. I had no idea these were in production