Photos from Tudor Toma's post

New tyres fitted :)

  • Wow!! Looks big!!

  • you going across the A13 not up it lol

  • Look good mate. Will check in person when I see you. May change up when mine go.

  • How much?

  • £80 for the pair I think :)

  • Best tyres on the market for these bud you will not be disappointed!!!

  • you recommend then ben pal

  • Liam Wykes

  • How do think these tyres will get on with my rear hugger? Is the profile different to stock?

  • Will fit fine mate

  • Cheers bro

  • After riding 2 bikes with these tyres today my power pures are going in the bin lol

  • mate the power pures have nothing on these, done 120 miles on them so far and they are amazing so much feedback and grip and handles changing road surfaces and cracks and stuff so much better

  • Today there was no comparison power pures had nothing on the 365s as you say so much more feedback from them !!

    Power pures on wet/muddy roads = this

  • What handlebars and tail tidy do you have? Did the indicators come with the tail tidy? And were they tricky to fit?

  • Meant this for Tudor Toma lol

  • I built the tail tidy myself mate and the handlebars are pro taper XR50's :)

  • I wasn't sure wether to go for the renthal fatbars or these.. the stock bars have me sitting uncomfortably and it hurts my back.. lol ill also be getting racing style rearsets too... so unsure as to get the lower sportier bars or the more uprighty motocross looking pro tapers...

  • XR50's are very similar to stock but a much better bend and no flex due to the cross bar. Have had fat bars as well and they were a tad too low for me personally but its all personal preference :)

  • I'm sold.... Next purchase for the grom