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Right guys I was thinking of making up another set of rearset blanking plugs, wanted to see who would be interested in them :)

£15 posted first class in the UK

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  • I still haven't installed mine! Crap!

  • Lool it takes 2 minutes and 4 taps :')

  • Really subtly tidied up the rear sets on my bike, make it look more polished. The plugs are really good quality too and Tudor Toma even helped me out when my local post office lost the package

  • Cheers mate :)

  • Took me 8 taps, did them today!

  • I'd be interested in purchasing a set mate, infact not just interestef, I'd definately purchase a set from you if you were making more to sell on........ Jimbo.

  • Cheers yeah for it to make sense I have to get 8 people interested just because of the initial cost of materials :)

  • I have set x2

  • Well in that case I'll just have to settle at the interested stage untill you say otherwise lol. C'mon lads and lassies, you all know yous want a set.

  • thank you thats 3 so far then :)

  • I want 2 sets please

  • Ok

  • Woow cool product...hw much n do postage to Singapore?

  • They look good thanks Tudor, will post a picture when i have the first mods done next month. (Ordered yesterday) and having my first service next month, been running it in gently so far, can't wait... :)

  • Would need to check that mate should not be more than £5 :)

  • Cheers mate glad you like then :)

  • Hi mate, hows things with regards the banking plugs, Did you get enough orders to go ahead and make some? If you decide to go ahead, please leave me a message so I can forward your money by whatever means you prefer, I'm not on line very often (infact to be honest, that's because I'm crap with Computers/Technology lol) so wouldn't want you to think I'm not interested/bullshitting you. Cheers mate........ Jimbo.

  • Hi mate nope the second batch did not get made since there was not as much interest however I can look into making them to order if you are interested :)

  • Just let me know your price mate. Cheers