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If anybody wants to make a simple homebrew tail tidy here is some inspiration, worked perfect for 5000 miles+ would still have it on but got the MNNTHBX coming

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  • U selling ur 1 lol

  • Nah don't want to sell might keep it as a template to make more of them

  • Was then guan say what u doing with that one ;)

  • Tudor what exhaust have you got mate?

  • Realize Laguna Titanium

  • Nice. Can it be side mounted.

  • No mate it can't

  • Well anything is possible with enough money and time but I highly doubt it

  • I looking to cut mine doen or look for new side short can.

  • Where would I get the part that you have around your pillion part of the seat Tudor Toma?

  • its called a Tyga Seat Cowl Gavin Greenall sells them and we get 10% off for being on the group

  • How much are they ?

  • £130 odd I think but not sure

  • Depends which one you get

  • I'm after a nice red one mate for my 2015 grom

  • They are 139 retail for the red grp or 149 for the red carbon but you get 10% off

  • Jay Glass