• Photos from Tudor Toma's post

    Photos from the Bank Holiday Monday run, tag your mates :)

    • Cracking pics there Tudor

    • Great work Tudor.

    • good work guys

    • None of me :( xD

    • Good work Tudor

    • Cant wait to come over for a ride!

    • Alex-luis Eil

    • Those wheelie pictures!!!! Can't wait for the next time all u lads meet up again!!

    • Hopefully I won't be 2 up next time then I can join in the wheelies to

    • Give me dates!

    • Tudor, perfection with the camera , well done

    • cheers mate think I have one more of your bike I'll post it on here in a sec

    • glad i'm not in the pic

    • Pictures are brill Tudor Toma and wife says linkage has arrived, cheers!

    • Sounds good mate :)

    • Great photos fella