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Just install some led headlight way brighter then stock. Also convert to DC so low and high beam no flicker.

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  • Interesting thank you for the tip

  • No problem it help from not flicker when u use high beam. But you will lose high beam indicator on your cluster

  • What kit is that?

  • Is that the one from cycle gear

  • HID on mine.

  • Holy shit

  • Anyone got like to convert?

  • Link? :)

  • I will convert as it's so much better.

  • eBay

  • It's easy like

  • Which like do you need? For the light or convert to DC

  • Let's say both for other people who would like it :)

  • where u bought? its easy to install?

  • Left over HID I had on my ruckus. Just hooked it up like any other hid. And did the DC power conversion

  • where u bought? its easy to install?

  • ah ok :) ty

  • eBay yes it very easy to install

  • can u send me link of both?

  • U will find that plug connector next to your rear brake fluid. Unpin the two yellow wire and tap it into your taillight black wire that is it

  • I will post the led link later as I am riding

  • ah ok no prob :) ty

  • u have 2 bulbs or just 1?

  • Our grom only need one but this listing come with two so one for spare

  • and works for low and high beam?

  • U will have to convert to DC far the high beam to work

  • the converter comes with the hid?

  • No it don't all you need to do is get a 10" wire and tap it into the taillight

  • Look up top I post picture and instruction how to conver to DC

  • ah ok :)

  • Look really good

  • Yeah, i need to swap my stock lamp, it sucks and im searching the best option

  • I got led and I love it, I bet hid is good to at least better and brighter then stock

  • If its the same from your post looks really good