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Ohhhhh hell yes it just got here

  • Those are illegal here :( I want the HD progressive shocks for the rear. Im a big dude and the guy that built this thing wanted it to sit lower so he could stand flat footed over it. Its a sweet stance, but kills my back in bumps

  • One day I'll get the kn slider backrest but this will do for now really don't have another 400 do drop on a backrest lol

  • Ya I got mine of the forum for $350, I was super nervous but it was worth it especially since I cant have the Corbin.

  • There's a fine line here in PA if it's a solid color it's fine if it's flashing or changing colors it's not fine and it all depends on the cop

  • Ya ours has it down to the color allowed in CO. Nothing but white and maybe green. And definitely cant be on while driving.


  • Can't imagine why green would be legal lol wink wink

  • Nice!

  • I like that seat, but the price is just a killer. I plan on taking my stock seat and having it reworked. I will hopefully save money that way

  • Michael, its worth every penny I promise you. Trust me I felt the same way but was blown out of the water by it. I was so bummed when it didnt fit my new v65 but I sold it for exactly what I paid for it and bought a kg slider instead

  • Why didn't it fit your V65?

  • The tank