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What do you guys think time to change the yellow wires she went dead on me yesterday had to PUSH HER HOME running FINE NOW AFTER charging battery all night

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  • Clean with terminal cleaner, tighten female ends with a pick and lube wit Dielectric Grease.

  • Do it now: Change or soldering it

  • Still a bit new to this but change or solder with what how and huh

  • They don't look as bad as mine were. Might be able to clean them up a little with a small file, but make sure you use silicone dielectric grease when you put it back together. It enhances and protects the connection

  • The Molly plugs on them always melt and if they would have crossed over, they can fry all sorts of stuff. Solder your own quick connections on the wires so you can still get them apart.

  • They also make a "updated" repair for these plug ends. A lot better than the originals. And this problem is across the board for ALL Honda motorcycles as they all used the same plugs for all models. My Honda Shadow had the same issue.

  • This wouldn't be caused by a bad voltage regulator or bad alternator would it..... was thinking of just putting in new ones and save it from happening again down the rd

  • I just removed the plug altogether and soldered them together. Not like it's an item you have to maintain or service so didn't bother with plugs etc... Nothing to do with bad voltage, just bad connectors.

  • This is one of the first things I Learned about with my bike Tweak A Moffitt. Just gotta do the 3 yellow wire mod. Easy fix.

  • If you do the 3 wire mod, be sure to extend the length of your wires so you can have access to your battery. That is why I choose to upgrade my plugs instead of soldering. I like being able to plug and unplug for access.

  • i did the solder method, should have done the plug upgrade instead,because the other end of the 3wire goes to the the voltage regulator,and if it goes bad, ya got to cut them again to replace it !

  • That's why I went the quick connections direction. That way they are still all separated and you can still unplug them, No Problem. As I stated above.