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Hey all,

So I bought this speedo on eBay because a few people on here said they bought one similar and was able to hook it up. But just glancing at it, everything on it is electronic. There is no place for the speedo cable or anything like that. So can anyone give me a hint as to what I need to do or buy? It also comes with a wiring diagram for everything and I can post that if needs be. Thank you

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  • The speedometer is electronic as you probably figure it out. In one of those pictures you have the speedometer pick up in your hand. That needs to be mounted near the wheel or the rotor in some manner to pick up small magnets that should've been included in the kit you purchased. The rotor is likely best. This will require some set up in the gauges menus. Likely the number of magnets and the diameter of the tire you have installed.

  • Search on YouTube for universal eBay speedometer… There are a few videos that will go over the menu set up

  • That might not be the exact thing you need to search for but you get the idea

  • The tachometer works from splicing the wires going to the coils IIRC. I'm not sure about the speedo.

  • The speedo comes with a 3 wire magnetic hall effect sensor. Like an electronic speedo for a pushbike.

  • You have to get a mechanical to electronic box for speedo cable conversion

  • Check out summit racing

  • Speedometer sender

  • I just bought the same one, haven't tackled it yet, it looks fairly simple to hook up. The only thing I haven't figured is how to mount it. What type of mount do you plan to use.

  • I plan on just making my own. Welding one together. Haven't got a good second to check it out really because I got it this morning and I've been working. But tomorrow I'm going to check it out better. It looks like I may just use the magnet speedo cable. I'm probably gonna run it where the old speedo cable was