• Photos from Ulli Hilger's post

    Hi I froam Germany

    My Ride is a 98 er 1100 Aero

    With 7500 Miles

    My Tuning Paarts

    I have install a 45.28 Inches Handelbar

    Jardine Forward Controls

    And Frond any rear Visiors

    Next i Wand a rear Suspension lowering

    • If she wants to run off seveal, you'll have no problems selling them. At the forum, check in with "Merc". He has the photo you need.

    • As I rememer, they are 4" in diameter. You could probably sell them here as well.

    • Ulli Hilger, what kind of bags are these?

    • There are bags original honda

    • MellowMoodz on the forum here....great place for info. Cesar if you get patches made i would really like a back patch of the Aero Squadron logo...let me know!

    • ^^^^Austin how big were you looking for? My wife hasn't started with them yet but let me know what size you are interested in.

    • Cesar....im a big boy with a big jacket. ...i would like 10 or 12 inch if possible.

    • Keep in mind that a 4" is the size of a CD. Or, the size the Southern Cruisers uses.

    • The size of your Southern Cruisers patch is the overall diameter i would like....wing tip to wing tip..

    • I will have my wife work on it and let everyone know