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Might not be a coupe but i love my sedan

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  • Nice just slam it! Lol

  • Ima go get an estimate tomorrow

  • Estimate? How just order some coilovers bro and install them

  • I have some coilovers for 8th gen accord for sale. HMU

  • Got a pic

  • Let me get you pics once I get home

  • But they look like this

  • $$$

  • DM me

  • Le tom wait till I get my 8th gen

  • It goes down in the dm it goes down

  • Lmao!

  • Nice wheels I saw them at Rymtime

  • Doesn't rymtime sell them for twice the price?

  • I bought some new wheels there for my daily (Mazda) for $700 with new tires cash but in payments it's a bit more.

  • Oh nice not bad

  • yup. Got a good deal. But if you get the them in payments it's like $700 plus tax n they give 120 days to pay them off if not you will pay double of wat you owe

  • God dam lol ya I plan to get some different wheels soon