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    Ordered a polished stainless Brock's Alien Head 2 last week. Not sure if these pricey systems are available in the U.K. but they're really badass! Today I spent all day at my shop today doing a multi Ceramic Coating Process. Really happy with the end result, the flat black Ceramic Coating can hold up to approximately 1900 degrees and sticks out from the other Brock's systems offered for the Grom/MSX because the faceplate of the muffler was left to its original brushed aluminum finish. Brock's "Armor Coat" for the Grom/MSX only is offered in Flat Black over the entire system from the company and I just think this looks so much better this way!

    • Looks great man! Sounds pretty good too!

    • Gracias amigo! Has the m4 come yet !?

    • Not yet bud..no rush though..i work all week and it still pretty cold here for riding..took the stock off yesterday though and also took the airbox off..both bulky..cant wait to put the new additions on. What did ya do with the breather tube for the airbox? I ended up getting the mini air filter.

    • Nice I got the mini filter with my mtake order. Think it was an added cost option. I have an extra bar that connects the two front fairings and keeps them sturdy (shroud brace) from MNNTHBX if u need it! It's recommended if ur removing the airbox and they accidentally sent me 3 of them. Have one left still if u want it it's yours lemme know I can't see shipping being more then a couple bucks it weighs nothing.

    • I brought the breather tube through the motor where the throttle body is and to the foot brake side of the bike. Wire tied it to the top of the bottom end above the side cover. Can find a pic if u need a reference..looks badass imo considering I didn't know where to leave it

    • Here's a pic if u look close. I thought that was a solid spot. Doesn't matter really though I also thought of running it under the seat

    • Oh man..wish I would of talked to ya sooner about it..i did get the shroud brace with the order. Ill probably do something similar. Ill be on the look out for a compossimo race bar or something similar though if you know anyone.

    • All good if u know anyone else that needs the brace let me know they can just pay shipping. The thing is small and weighs nothing

    • Yellow flame shot :-o

    • Right lol. Was rockin the m4 system before this one and never got any flame. Two inch piping from the Brock's system has the thing spittin flames on command now

    • Looks absolute baller

    • Thanks man! Really happy with how it came out. Guy on a Busa forum did something similar to his Brock's system but it was a short meg

    • Wow nice man.

    • Thanks man! Appreciate it

    • Updated pic installed and in day light