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My Honda 86 450 americanstyle rebbel as a bought him years a go .(pic) 1

My Honda 86 450 rebel so as he now is , with a 650 engine

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  • Great !

  • Nice

  • Here is my 86 Rebel 450.

  • 650?? Can you explain. The engine looks stock :)

  • No its a 450 cmx stock engine only made 450's in 1986 and 1987. Honda was sued over the design by Harley, said it was too much like the Sprint made in 72 or so. I don't think it does.

  • He says in the description "650 engine", and I was curious as to why he put that...

    (and the story about being sued for design infringement is an old wives tale BTW Charles.. they were sued for dumping bikes at below cost in the US to gain market share. By the time the suit was settled, Honda had retooled the factory and were making Shadows)

    Here are my 450's: