Photos from Walter Savor's post


Done for now. USD forks at some stage.

%d comments
  • this is awesome

  • Still like the crossover pipe lm building similar but dont know what to do about the gap between frame rail and fuel tank

  • Scott Butler

  • Fergus Frawley

  • Perfect for today's run hey

  • Mark Pel

  • Wow! That top bar changes the whole character!

  • No tail light?

  • Have a closer look at the seat

  • Got any pics of the top bar set up? I'd love to see how you did it.

  • Sent you pm

  • Super simple. When I get a chance I'll install a chrome solo throttle & ditch the kill switch

  • Looks great!

    Especially the light/ seat great idea

  • Sorry, I meant the top bar that holds the fuel tank and seat.

  • Easy. I'll take a pic when I remove it

  • Requested bar setup pic.

  • Perfect! Thanks mate!