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Wooo almost have it together.

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  • It could be the photo, but the weld on the left looks a little dicey over the bulldog's head. Might be worth cleaning it up and making another pass to make sure you got good penetration.

  • I see what you're looking at, but if this is welded on both sides, which I think it is by looking at the other shot, it's not going anywhere. I would fix the hole and blend/grind it down though.

  • Just a dumb question is everyone just wire feed welding these on ? I just feel like stick weld would be more secure as im almost ready for mine

  • Mig welder does just fine ;)

  • Either will do the trick as long as you get your settings right. Some of the really cheap flux core wire welders can barely get the job done, but with a little practice, they will work.

  • The guy that just welded mine said he ran flux and gas?

  • Idk shit about welding

  • There is a technique called dual shield welding that uses gas-shielded flux core wire with CO2 as a shielding gas, but it is not very common.

    I have met a few people who claim to use self-shielding flux core wire with CO2 as a shielding gas, but I have never tried it personally. Solid wire with 70% Argon/30% CO2 shielding gas is my go to combo for mild steel.

  • i think that what kind of wire he said. the self shielding. but ya he did the dual shield weld

  • Having a mechanical back ground i know how to weld pretty damn good not saying wire wont hold i myself just dont trust it esp with the roads here in Richmond Va ! I will tack my mount with my wire feed & then have my buddy tig weld it !

  • Darby Brown Duel shield is very common for an industrial fab shop. I've ran it on and off (depending on what fab shop I was in) since 1980. Back then, the solid wire was run with 100% co2, the flux core with 75 argon, 25 co2. Over the years new machines were made, new procedures developed, now the solid wire is run using 90% argon, 10% co2. If the person using the wirefeed welder has a good handle on what they're doing, the wire weld should be just as strong as any other type of welding. I've made wire welds that in the piping for nuclear power plants. Don't fear the welding process, fear that the person doing it has no clue.