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Look at my new bobber! Sweet eh!

Went for a ride to Cochrane today, stopped at Tim Hortons for a coffee and this wild machine pulled in. Three other riders were there as well. note at the left peg, that is a moving pulley and an exposed belt. There is a small air shock under the seat for the suspension. Note no lights!

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  • you could get away with no lights in Cochrane it's in the middle of nowhere way up north right?

  • Ehh...

  • LOL.

  • AtoB Custom fun hobby motorcycle pretty cool, ride to local bike nights ect... Get home before dusk

  • Yes, Cochrane is up north in the middle of nowhere. LOL. Interesting to note one of the other motorcyclists that joined me said the police were going the opposite way and did a U turn to pursue but just passed by. Guess they saw a few other bikers at Tim's and decided to get him later. One guy commented that bike could have cost $60,000 based on other work done by him.

  • Nice...but that's a chopper

  • Idk what people see in these??! Looks stupid. Like taking an old Schwinn bike frame and putting a motor in it.

  • Everyone has their own style

  • He definitely could have had tens of thousands of dollars into that thing, but unfortunately for him, he'd be lucky to get $10,000 for it now if he wanted to sell it. Those exotic choppers were the flavor of the week 5-10 years ago, just like those awful custom "baggers" are now. Those things will be $10,000 in another 5 years.

  • Yea. Those naggers really turn me off. Especially those on biker battleground.