Photos from William Smith's post


Bobber with the original seat and turn signals. I took the same seat bracket and turned it upside down and bent it to bolt through them holes. Welded it to the frame. Welded the turn signal nut inside the bracket. Took the turn signal apart and remade the bracket to bolt up hard without the rubber. Looks good to me and cost nothing.

%d comments
  • Looks great. Love the way you used you head to figure how to use original parts. It payed off.

  • Ya. The whole thing cost me $8 for the tail light, a lil weld, electrical tape, some zip ties and scrap metal for the plate and reused adapted OEM stuff

  • That a trailer light?

  • Ya

  • Did you do the tank lift?

  • Not yet. Maybe tonight. Seems easy enuff

  • Yeah it only took 15 min to do just measure cut drill and buff and then paint the paint took the longest

  • Its what inch and 3/4 bolt to bolt?