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Love this bike. Why didn't I get one years ago?!

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  • I said the same thing.. Then ended up buying another. Rebels are a lot of fun for a smaller bike, they are simple to work on, and pretty quick for their size. I'm only 5'7, I actually "fit" on one pretty well as far controls and handle bars go. I plan on getting a bigger bike soon, but I'll prob never get rid of my Rebel.

  • Ya, I'm not tall either.

  • Just like about everyone I guess, I thought the same thing.

  • I liked mine so much, I got another. So now I have two. Some days I wanna ride the black one; some days I wanna ride the red one ;)

  • Sweet

  • Looks cool! Drag bars will give it that finishing touch, also you can rig up the rear/second seat to fit and it'll give it a little lower profile look.

  • Eric, that's awesome how you used the pillion pad for the seat! I would have never had thought of that.

  • ^^^^^also, where did you get the bolt on mirrors?

  • Shove the front part under the tank the same way the factory seat mounts, and bend the rear mounts on the seat to keep it in place. Mirrors are cheap plastic bicycle mirrors, I think bell makes em. $5 a piece and they work great.