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So yesterday while riding my rebel to school my bike started to leak oil BAD... Harley bad. So I opened the cover on the stator side and notice a build up of grime. It kinda makes since of doing this because its in like a little pocket that really can't be drained and the kick stands on that side so the bikes always leaning to that side. The bike sat for 13 years with only 500 miles. Now I ride it everyday with 16,000 miles. My question is once I put my gasket in would this possibly happen again down the road? And has anyone else ever experienced this?

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  • I watched a YouTube video about the tapping, but can't get but off without the whole flywheel moving.

  • *nut

  • I have that flywheel removal bolt leftover from the same fix. I don't need anymore and wouldn't mind shipping it. Where are you located?

  • you will need the puller tool that Kevin Murphy is offering or a 16mm x 1.5 metric bolt.

  • 1st remove the bolt from the center of the flywheel.

  • 2nd screw the tool or a 16mm x 1.5 bolt into the flywheel. (it is threaded) and tighten it. Tap the now installed bolt/puller with a hammer to jar the flywheel loose. ( may have to tighten and tap a couple time to get the flywheel off.

  • There is a post from a month ago or so that has a few pics of this process

  • I got the bolt off with my cordless impact gun. Thanks guys for your help!

  • And my buddy is letting me borrow his puller.

  • Zack Bowin what kind of puller??? 2 and 3 jaw type puller will warp the flywheel.

  • Zack Bowin what kind of puller??? 2 and 3 jaw type puller will warp the flywheel.

  • Not exactly sure, but he worked at a honda dealer in the 70s and said he had one. Said it grabs on to a really fine thread.

  • Probally a bolt type puller then. I bet he knows what to use then.