Picked this up brand new yesterday fitted the Tyga exhaust as soon as I got...

Picked this up brand new yesterday...fitted the Tyga exhaust as soon as I got home. Any recommendation when it comes to cheap ways to get more power? Also have I really gotta fork out £100 for an R&G tail tidy? Seems to be the only one on the market for a 2016! Cheers

  • They do a tyga tail tidy for the 2016

  • Ian Jarvis has made his own tail tidy and might be able to help you

  • Nice...have you just done rid of the whole under tray?

  • I got Tail Tidys arriving next week

  • A lot cheaper then £100 lol

  • How much are yours?

  • Ben what tails do you have for the 2013 model

  • Reckon you'll have em monday?

  • There being shipped Monday / Tuesday so end of next week

  • Cool

  • The back half comes off and there is an undertray still there. It does have some holes that will need plugging ones the old one has gone.

  • H2c ones or different?

  • G-Craft back in next week £30 ✌

  • H2C

  • cheers Ian

  • Ill keep an eye on the site then and see what its in stock. Just jad a look thanks

  • Any pics Ben?

  • Loads of new stuff coming next week

  • Ta

  • Jason Doel On website ;)

  • Hmmm

  • SF will be PIMP soon

  • H2c is spot on i paid £46 for mine.

  • Ben Are the finance people aware you plan on modifying their bike?

  • I don't understand enough of the finance side of things to pursue a deal

  • You dont have to give back 3 years later?! Thats leasing Charlie Reeves..

  • Charlie what you talking about lol

  • Just for you Charlie this is the deal Honda are offering with 0% lol

    Personal loan (VPL)

    This is more like a simple loan. You decide on the model and put down a deposit the same way as with PCP. We calculate for you how much you want your fixed monthly payment to be, and the term. That means you know up front how much your Honda will cost each month until it’s paid off and you own the bike.

  • No different to having a phone bill ;)

    Brilliant why to increase your credit rating for later on in life if you ever need to get a mortgage

  • Ah ok. I thought you had to give back after X amount of time if you didn't do the "optional payment" at the end

  • No Charlie x

    Bikes £2699

    Deposit £100

    Balance £2599 at 0% Finance of 36Months (3Years)

    £72.19 a Month

    So total amount payable is the £2699

  • Ah gotcha. I did say I don't understand all these finance options lol

  • All I need now is a place to store a big bike .... I wonder what deals they got on the new gsxr 1000....

  • Very rare companies offer 0% especially on such popular bikes !!

    £72 a month is like £18 a week no money

  • £18 a week is cheap ya know... I need to find out more about these deals lol

  • Suzuki have some good deals on at moment !!

    You need to be accepted for finance tho some people can't get it all down to your personal situation and credit rating ;)

    https://www.suzuki-gb.co.uk/mo torcycles/about/promotions/fin ance-offer/

  • On the 600 ;)

  • Best colour imo :)

  • On the moto GP rep 1000cc they want £215 a month for 60 for months

  • Charlie Reeves 5 Years

  • Yeah I'd either get bored or die within 5 years

  • On a gsxr1000 it aint guna take 5 years to die mate!

  • 5mins .....

  • I mean in general.... My life expectancy ain't good

  • Just get a universal tail tidy, bit of cut and shut will look sweet for a tenner