• Picked up my little beast today will be 95 commuter but what mods would people...

    Picked up my little beast today will be 95% commuter but what mods would people recommended :)

    • Fookin everything your buget permits

    • Yea, this lol

    • Eliminate that fender

    • Handle Bars and tires...

    • Look at photos and decide for yourself buddy. Don't follow do what you like ☺

    • Yes and buy us some stuff if you have any money left lol

    • i heard is faster

    • seeing as exhaust, bars, tyres, fender etc have already been said I'm gonna say seat and LED's, they look so epic haha

    • Team Red (Y) I run a MNNTHBX exhaust and BMC air filter, which I highly recommend. However, I don't use mine for commuting, nor would I dream of doing so at the times I commute, as it's extremely loud. Other mods I recommend are R&G crash protection, tail tidy and indicators. I haven't replaced my tyres yet, but I only use my bike on dry days. I've read that stock tyres are slippery when wet, so I'd change them also, as you are commuting (Y)

    • Nice, Karl (Y) Details of LEDs, please?

    • Tail rack and soft luggage usefull to commute.

    • Definitely do the 800 motor swap. You won't regret it!

    • Mileage of MSX is low. Commuting by bike is also about saving money. The thing which improve the mileage and increase the speed would be the windscreen.

    • Loving it!

    • eBay, http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/ 271820118017

      Easiest mod ever connect to positive and ground, strips are sticky 3M stuff and away you go, I got a 6 strip kit but I wish I got the 12 strip kit and being £50 probably one of the cheaper mods you can do lol

    • Thanks, Kyle. I see you can switch between static, flashing, fading modes and change colours, but can you switch it on and off?

    • Yer there's four buttons A change colour, B start fading, C start flashing and D switch on and off

    • Thanks (Y)