plant audio atv sound tube


I have a planet audio sounds tube with a built in light bar that's been used twice never submerged in excellent condition. Just wanting to do a radiator relocation is the only reason selling. $200 obo located in Montevallo,al

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  • What zize speakets

  • Shelby Welch

  • .

  • 6.5

  • You still have

  • Yes I still have it

  • I'm very interested

  • sounds good just let me know

  • Would you ship them

  • How far from gadsden al. Are you

  • I think it's about a hour away I am not sure

  • R u down south or north of me

  • I am south about 45 min below Birmingham

  • these are really great speakers I've had mine fully submerged in water and it still works great really loud

  • Ok

  • I'll try to make a trip or would you meet me

  • I really don't have the time to meet yea idk when I could

  • Okay that's fine I'll see what I can do

  • Sick!! Lookn good

  • lol I got the paper work where I paid 190 for on eBay shipping out the door