• Please help

    Please help!!

    Had an off this morning into the side of a u-turning taxi when filtering.

    Does anyone near Leeds, West Yorks have a standard right-hand side rearset I can buy (peg snapped clean off)?

    Obviously need asap

    • I paid £55 for a replacement Mudgaurd from Honda and took 6 months to get to me! In hindsight I'd spend the extra and get a pretty carbon one

    • Mate in lincoln says ok to sell he only wanted it as a spare £30 ok I live in Normanton it's brand new genuine Honda

    • Cheers Derek I'll take it

    • Is it a wheel-off job to fit a 'guard?

    • Front wheel DOESNT have to be removed

    • Bars have a slight twist to them now. Forks/wheel/axle all straight - just the bars.

    • Hahaha - you need them / able (willing) to sell?

    • Derek Pedder can you message me your number? Can't seem to find that post you added with it? You around today?

    • Derek - top bloke, great to meet you and thanks again.

    • So, the parts acquisition so far:

      Mudguard - got (thanks to Derek)

      Bar brake lever - ordered (arrives Thurs)

      Right hanger - ordered (hoping for a Fri delivery)

      PowerPures (arrived at garage ready to fit when the above parts are on & I can ride it)

      Cheers everyone