• Please help

    Please help..!!

    How to adjust the clutch cable!?

    I've changed the handlebar and now when I put back the clutch cable it won't tighten up..

    • Couldn't really help u but I change my bars all the time I have 18" apes then I chuck westy bars on some times cables caught or needs adjusting cause of length take it bak to where u got it from

    • Take pictures so members can see or a video

    • You actually did help by talking about the adjuster..

      I knew it has to be something with it..

      I was loosing hope.. hehe..

      It's night here already..

      Tomorrow morning I'll take pics and post them.

    • Good morning,

      Wow..!! Is that your bike..?

      Looks really amazing, what size front wheel you use?

      Did you need to mod or trim anything?

    • It's off a Harley Dyna only changed the bearings an Harley dics Front axel is bigger on Honda no trimming

    • I'm going to change to 23" shortly an get some shock relocaters to lower bak

    • That's great bro.. so I guess it fits direct with the fender..

      Thank you so much for this I've been searching around but I couldn't find guides..

      Now you're my hero.. haha

    • Glade to help not many out their on 21s something drifferent

    • Thanks you so much bro..

      Here's the new look.. :)