• Polished and ready

    Polished and ready

    • You mean om the front fender,Lance?

    • The rear and front. They make indian style fender conversions. Search indian aero on google :)

    • I know that one,and i dont like it.I only put on a indian on thé tank until i go for a custom paint on it.I wants a pinup painting on it but cant find a good one to go for...yet..the rear fender looks very nice when all the lightning,turnlights and other stuff is taken away from the fender.I would like the clean look for it

    • Unbelievable LOOK - WOW

    • Thanks,Christian

    • I love your bike man that is special - Blessings to you man

    • Very Nice!!!

    • Very nice. Almost as good looking as mine!

    • Nice bike!!

    • The white-walls make it :P