Posted it on the gloves idea get ya self some nice summer gloves not to thick...


Posted it on the gloves idea get ya self some nice summer gloves not to thick then wear the pound land rubber gloves always guaranteed warm hands my grandad and dad used em when riding always very warm never a cold day with this trick plus it's cheap well worth considering can't knock til tried plus it's only a quid unless ya wanna spend a bit more for different colours

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  • sweaty wrinkled hands though.

  • Mate least they not cold in shit weather

  • Just a suggestion may aswell share the tricks with people init

  • decent winter gloves keep most out, i ride for a living in all weathers, my winter gloves occasionally need wooly ones underneath and usually thats enough, i have worn rubber gloves but hands tend to get wet through condensation and that condensation turns colder.

  • I don't mind buying a size up to double up but prefer tight to my hand feel controls better gloves

  • These days we have gore tex. Your grandad didn't have that!

    If you want dry hands it's your only option.

  • I find using them latex gloves under my normal gloves a bit too tight, they always seem to break and its hassle putting them on and off. Just invest in a decent pair of gloves and you won't need them latex ones

  • I've yet to discover proper water proof gloves that are. They all leak eventually, and the 'better' they are, the longer they take to dry. The only thing worse than wet hands in the morning, is putting wet gloves on again later. I've started using meoprene shooting gloves now. Warm even when damp, yet they dry out in about 5 mins. Nice and thing to aid feel. Yet after a 55mph crash all I got was a swollen knuckle on one hand. Plus the finger and thumb oneach hand can be flipped over to use phone,pay by card etc. In deepest darkest winter though you'll need something extra. I really REALLY rate bar muffs. £11 quid, look daft, but work perfectly :)

  • Only problem is explaining to all your mates you arent a pervert when you take your bike gloves off and have kept the latex gloves on. All my mates know im a pervert anyway so its all good. But joking aside the inny gloves do help out a bit!

  • The trick with dry gloves is long gloves, with a goretex liner, textile outer, and always put the sleeve over the glove not the other way round. I have some hein gericke gloves that even though the leather on the thumbs is a bit worn through from the indicator switch, the gore tex underneath stays dry.