• Postie bike is going on the road on Friday boys . finally

    Postie bike is going on the road on Friday boys,(finally)

    I'm looking for where to find all the custom bits for em

    il chuck a list below of ideas but anything in general can ya's whip link in the comments

    • Give me a tomorrow if you like 0413395565 see if i can be of some help to you- mike @ lambda

    • Sc Moto (Daran Paul Martin) can help you with most of that list

    • Go through some of the pic on postie bikes Australia page for pics of custom posties for inspiration

    • Either of you blokes from Melbourne?

    • No but sc Moto can send you parts. Check out the Facebook page and Postiebikes Australia Facebook page.. I'm in Sydney

    • From the sound of your mods this bike will be epic!

    • Anyone know the legality of doing an engine swap?

    • Nope im qld i can post parts tho if thats any help call or tips and things extra

    • Depends on engine and size and what state your in .

    • Vic, putting a 125/250 2 stroke in it

    • Michael Braszell

      I would assume you would need a full engineers certificate and that's if it's even allowed at all . I'd be interested to know also

    • If you are after some wider rims and alloy swing arms let me know

    • do you make them? or are you selling one?

    • Can get them shipped to Australia

    • im liking the hub set up mate my 83 has a damaged hub what hub / brake / cush drive is it off ??? not the circlip holding the cush on is it

    • There made for the c90 I paid 770 for the front rear and swing arm it comes with hubs speedo cable new front brake cable axle ect I don't make any money if your interested I can get you onto to the guy that stocks it all

    • That's mint!