• Primary drive front sprocket. 13 vs 14 teeth

    Primary drive front sprocket ! 13 vs 14 teeth?

    • I run 12/40, and even on 6 gear you can pop a wheelie! But only reason I run that combo is so my friend Yannick Pilon doesn't beat me on the start, and I ride a lot or trails, so I like it snappy on every gear

    • Boring it really doesn't do much that small amount , your only talking 3-5cc... It just is done to bore a worn cylinder really... It may give you more torque but not higher top end

    • Kelly See. The top speed on a road depends on gearing, weight, and wind resistance. As long as other variables are held constant like tire size etc. and as long as the engine ran strong at stock bore. If the guy doesn't weigh 300+ lbs, then these torquey engines will still get up to top speed on roads just fine. Nothing to argue lol

    • I ran a 14/38 with an exhaust and intake and it maxed out at 73 but was still pretty snotty

    • I have stock gearing on mine and hit 57mph on a windy gravel road with a passenger and it was sketchy enough for me haha

    • Those numbers seem right with those gear ratios.

    • I just got one in the mail yesterday stock 13/40. But I'm running 20s and it is in a 300ex chassis. Still a nice wheelie machine

    • 13/40 22" tires is stock for 85. Doesn't 86 have a different carrier and rear sprocket? Or no? Can't remember

    • The rear sprocket is different because of the type of bolts. The carrier might be as well not really sure I'm running a dual row

    • 14-40 here seems perfect gearing for what we do.