• Primary gear stripped

    Primary gear stripped

    • Hay if you need another one they are on ebay lmcs - lambda motorcycles - if that helps- happy new year hope you get it sorted

    • Nice work how did you manage that?

    • Long trip , holding it pinned

    • Thinking you might have another issue causing that to happen, usually a seized piston.

    • Nah engine still run fine, maybe going down gears to hard

    • Geez good job.I held mine pinned once for 5000+ km and have never been able to replicate that lol

    • What gearing you running? , how many hp?

    • Then 16/42 hp dunno was bored and stroked to 127cc.Now 16/45 150cc 11hp 8000km on motor and about 50000 on gearbox still no luck :-)

    • Boy. I thought I was good braking two off. But all of them.

    • You cant see it but it seperated the centre shaft drive off the external ring. Shaft was just spinning

    • Wow!

    • Good effort