probably a stupid question but what is the chrome cap called at the top of...


probably a stupid question but what is the chrome cap called at the top of where you put the gear oil in on the rear wheel?? is it for overflow??? honda shadow vt 750. So the drain plug is at the bottom the nut is like the filler cap, i don't know what the top one is called and I have oil leaking out from it???

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  • makes sense thanks Michael Risner and Skip Beairsto

  • Anything at the top is more than likely a vent...oil should not be filled higher than the fill hole...

  • It is a vent and if you are riding in cold weather it is common on the 750 for it to put a little oil out even if it is not over filled. When you fill or check it the bike should be on the side stand . This is awkward.

  • you can't change gear without engine running??? would this force oil back into diff, i only ask because when i had to make adjustments to gear selector it wasn't running and i tried to change gear to see if height was good or not and it wouldn't select any gears, so i fired her up tried again and she changed through all gears. Just been out to check on leak and nothing there?

  • Its where you pour an ice cold bottle of brewski after a long hard ride. Your bike deserves the best too. LOL.

  • No Kevin. If you are concerned, change the fluid in the rearend. May have water in it causing the vent to spew oil but, most likely cold oil that is being thrown to the top of the housing and venting to the outside.

  • I would think that if there were water in the oil.. the overflow would appear milky and not as a clear clean oil...

  • That is correct Skip but, I have no idea what the oil residue he is seeing looks like.

  • The oil is clear looks normal and as good as the day I put it in

  • No worry then, just ride.