• Probably a stupid question this is the rancher page but I have a 2014 rancher...

    Probably a stupid question this is the rancher page but I have a 2014 rancher 420 had it about a year only has 220 miles on it ! I have been thinking about trading it in on a 2015 Foreman. Any reason I shouldn't trade?

    • That's on the 01-14 Rubicon. The Foreman oil pump is a direct drive, no chain.

    • Nope IRS 500> SRA 420

    • Both the 500 Foreman and 500 Rubicon are better machines than the 420. Especially now that the 420 has lost it's size advantage.

    • That must be in the newer foremans, I know the ones up to Atleast 2012 have them

    • 2001-2014 Rubicons had the oil chain issies, as well as the 2003-current Rincon. I've never heard of any issues with the 500 Foreman's, they use basically the same motor as the 420 with a bigger piston, some gearing differences.

    • Even the older Foreman was a direct drive on the oil pump.

    • Yeah the 450's, not the older 500's. But okay

    • Right the Foreman Rubicon used a oil chain, The 500 Foreman is a different machine, 2005-2011, then later the 500EFI 2012-current

    • Keenan Johnson, the 400, 450, 500 Foremans are all directly driven off of the balancer. Even the old 350 Foreman was driven off of the crankshaft by a gear. No oil pump chains in any of them. You just got some bad info on them. Like Scott said some called the first (01-04) Rubicons Foremans because Honda called them a Foreman Rubicon. Some confusion came at the parts counter because of that.

    • Love my rancher.