Proof that the FinBro MF125A01 engine is GO

Proof that the FinBro MF125A01 engine is GO.

Running rich, will drop down a jet size or two once new exhaust is made.

Thanks to all of you out there who have kept an interest through the process, there is a smidge further to go. :)

  • Locks the brake lever in the clamped position like a parking brake. Not sure why its needed but maybe some of our mates in the service can explain the importance.

  • That's your park break James Roberts

  • Oh so if I don't have that in nsw I can't get it regoed ??

  • ? The postie bike is the only bike I have seen with one.

    I think that bracket might also has a function in the brake light switch. That might be why your rego depends on it.

  • Fair enough so it isn't on all of them ?

  • Not sure James ... I thought it would be pretty common.

  • Oh ok lol

  • No its not I had a postie and had to get it blue slipped and I didn't have one in mine and it passed.

  • Ok fair enough :)

  • That little chrome thing also holds the front brake light switch