1986 rebel 250. Ordering new tires, what are stock sizes? What is the largest (widest, tallest) I can fit in the back? Front I'm fine with current size. On it now are 130/90/15 rear, which I actually am having a hard time finding. I'm finding those in 16" only. And front has a 90/90/18 is that the right size? Can I go bigger? Any help is appreciated, thank you going white wall

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  • You can run a 150 rear without the stock rear. But the chain will be really close.

  • The 150 is the max you can go on the Rebel.

  • Hmm

    .. Decisions lol

  • This is the 150/80/15 with a trailer rear fender. Look how close the chain to tire is. This is the tire I will be running on my rebel build.

  • Way too wide for stock rear.. Hmm.. Having a tough time finding the size I have in a white wall

  • These are the moon eyes toppers the rears sit perfect. The fronts are going to be a bit more work. They are a pita to put on

  • Diggin the Mazda mini in the background and, without clicking the link. Are those similar to porta walls? The fake white wall? Totally not knocking then I would absolutely get those if they're a good price. I'll check into shortly, nice bike btw and thank you for the info.

  • Yes they are the pora walls. :) thanks i almost have the mini back up and going

  • rear-130/90/15 stock, front 3.00/18 stock.