question can someone tell me the difference between XENON and HID bulbs or are...


question. can someone tell me the difference between XENON and HID bulbs or are they the same.??? Been refused another MOT in poland for my british bike. Because my bike is not fitted with XENON...

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  • without taking them out to look you cant tell.

  • thank you

  • you've got it

  • I just wished the POLISH MOT station wernt so dam biased and so dam discriminate of the british. I have said to my wife, if this continues im fucking off back to england where I know i will get looked after for my vehicles. But the doctors inengland are SHIT!.

  • What makes you think the dr are shit? So what bulbs do you have fitted to your bike?

  • Back here the diferençe between them, is a ticket from the police... Hahahaha...

  • if they can find a difference just from looking... first they need to remove the bulb to find out

  • Hid s are illegal unless they are standard. There is thing on dvla. Gov some where mate to mot a BMW with hid failed

  • Its the way they come on as there powered by a ballist

  • I was not referring to HID. but yes you are very correct.

  • I mainly ment Xenon H7 vs Halogen H7.

  • Zenon bulbs. And halolgen should not cause a fail

  • Well yes here in POLAND it is... go figure.

  • Personally i think iys because I am british. throw a polish rider on the bike and he will get it passed no problems.

  • Just put xenon bulbs in what they cost over there get pair for about 15 quid maybe less

  • So why did you mention hid in the first place?

  • No your english.

  • well their is a huge debate on the xenon crap. I see halogen Xenon filled gas and HID with xenon. which is correct.??? As far as the MOT'er, he claims i should run xenon. well what version. HID is not standard so that is cancelled. it just leaves Xenon H7 filled gas. With that being said how the hell can you tell the difference as to which is fatted. you cant. Yet i failed on MOT. in britain if you see a halogen fitted which is correct for the BBird bikes no problems. why is it a problem here in polish MOT laws.

  • Just say those are the bulbs that you bought from honda and ask are there saying honda are putting Un Road worthy bike out from the factory

  • well my bike takes H7 halogens. like most do. so yes my lights are unroad worthy..... according to polish law. WTF!!!

  • Halogen and xenon are gases which are put in headlights they emit light at different temperatures hence the different colours. H7 is the type of bulb.

    Back to what I said earlier try finding out more about Polish mot. Ask the tester a different tester or get the exhaust fixed and take it back to the first guy

  • As i have said befoer. Their sound testing is done in an ENCLOSED space. With walls and building behind. This MAGNIFIES the sound enormously. So no i dont think so. they tested wrong you kow this and I. so i will go else where but I know the law here and its written down on black and white paper. They either dont know or they dont give a shit.

  • Jay Lucking did you ever get this sorted?

  • nope. still getting screwed about