Question. Do I need to earth the relay. To allow all the leds to flash


Question..... Do I need to earth the relay? To allow all the leds to flash?

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  • No

  • What would be the reason they still wouldn't flash?

  • Maybe some bad conection on the leeds, if you change it for a leed relay they should flash

  • I changed my turn signals all for leeds and changed the relay for a leed one and everything works fine

  • in short No!!

  • So plugged it in and they still stay on....

  • 3 pin relays need to be grounded (I used the horn). 2 pin ones do not. That little metal hoop coming out of it may well be the ground "pin".

  • It's a 2 pin and your right the metal hoop is the earth.

  • ground the earth and it should be fine. All the other 2 pin relays I have seen do not have that hoop.

  • I'll try it where would I ground it too?

  • I had to create a new earth wire, with a spade connector at one end to "plug" the 3rd pin in to. Wedged the other end into the earth connection on the horn, since I found it easiest to work with. . Pictures here - led-switchback-lights-front-white-dlrindicators/

  • Ok crackin I'll give it a read and a go..

  • Arwen Seven it works a treat, thanks for your help..!

  • Glad you got it going :-)