Question for everyone I have been doing pm work on my bike and found a...


Question for everyone. I have been doing pm work on my bike and found a potential problem. My clutch cable has been riding on exhaust pipes and almost burned thru. Is the plastic casing encasing metal or plastic only? I don't want to break down on the road.

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  • The plastic is just an outer coating for the metal inner.

  • Mike dumbass me, I found problem. Clutch cable slipped out of metal guide for who knows how to ng now. Clutch feels brand new again. Since there is metal casing, not gonna worry. Thx

  • What you have already found the metal inner casing. Only they have to worry about is it rusting in there now. When it's down low like that usually not a big problem though

  • Never thought about rust I will just wrap it with tape

  • Yea doesn't hurt to lube them from time to time also. They sell actual cable lube.