Question for the group

Question for the group.

My '88 shadow 600 needs a new cdi box. EBay prices are ~$400, for a 20+ year old box, with no guarantees on how long it will last.

My question is, has anyone ever upgraded to a later model wiring harness and cdi? Is it doable?

I can get an '04-07 harness and box for under $200...

  • how do you know your CDI is dead?

  • Plastic casing was missing when I got it. Circuit board has several rust spots

  • well, you can remove the rust with some vinegar and a toothbrush ...carefully...take it to the dealer and have it tested befoer you spend the money on a new one...and if its still good, then make a case from foam rubber surrounded by plastic and totally wrapped in way too much electrical tape..then go spend the 200 bucks on something more cool

  • The two dealers nearest to me said there wasn't a way to test it

  • Do you know of a way to test it?

  • haha...what they meant to say is that it is so old that they no longer kept the test equipment because they rarely ever used it. It takes some kinda special test equipment to power and send pulses to it to duplicate the function of the magnetic pickups in the stator.

  • Oh.....

  • so...back to the idea of a upgrade from a newer model......


  • ^^^ bought one for my 94 600vlx from these guys, way better to spend the cash to buy new than to buy used and hope for the best.