Question for the group. how old is your battery


Question for the group: how old is your battery?

A friend of mine has gone through three batteries in the past five years, I'm still running on the stock battery (10+ years now).

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  • Question is Josh, do you use a battery tender. Because if you do it makes a big difference.

  • To be honest I just disconnect it during winter and put it on a trickle charger a few days before I start riding again but neither have ever been on a charger for the winter

  • That's one key. You unhooked it. Depending where you stored it. In the house or heated garage can make a difference.

  • Yeah always unhook it as its at least 4 months a year cant ride and its in a garage no heat, so thats what I advise people make sure your battery is disconnected if its going to be more then a month or two your not riding

  • Personally I just bought a battery tender cable hooked to battery. Zip tied to frame behind side panel. So I don' t have to remove seat.

  • Really easy to do. And don't have to remove seat. Green zip tied all I had gonna swap with black eventually.

  • My buddy has it set up the same way, I just get nervous leaving the tender plugged in that long

  • Plus when in a bind you can buy a usb cord that will plug into it and charge phones or I pods off it.

  • That's what their designed for. I leave my riding mower hooked up to one all winter for last 5 yrs, and pickup truck for yrs when I drove semi, owned my own semi so pickup didn't get driven much during winters and never had issues.

  • Best thing i ever did was get an oxford oximiser 'battery tender' When I get home I plug the bike in and she starts every time.