QUESTION got a small hole in my new rear tire tubeless all videos on u tube say...


QUESTION got a small hole in my new rear tire, tubeless, all videos on u tube say I can plug it. Is this safe and will it last the life of the tire???? Or patch only way??

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  • Patch and tube...

  • Kent, you're a young man. You only have two tires between you and death or worse; permanent disability. In would only patch a motorcycle tire to get it to a place for a new tire. It's your life.

  • I cant afford a new tire

  • Look at the kenda Cruz 170/80-15. Great tire.

  • Thats what I have kendra got match set on ebay 166 cant afford buy tire right now

  • Just patch it its safe and it should last as long as the tyre! Safe and easy

  • Kent, can you afford to be disabled for the rest of your life?

  • Alright now, let’s cut the man some slack here, he stated funds are not available to replace the tire...No need for scare tactics.

    He has his options..

    Ken, what ever you end up doing, be safe.

  • I will thank

    I talked to fun sports in hutchinson mn they said to use a t patch a patch with a plug in one thats what I did. Thank you all for your help

  • Attaboy!!