• Question. how do i make my bike go fas. Nah thats been done. . Footpegs

    Question.. how do i make my bike go fas... Nah thats been done :-) Footpegs! If i were to get my accessory game on is there a particular size or bolt type for it to fit when shopping? Kinda hoping for a universal fit but if someones made the mistake id love to hear! thanks

    • Crf50 pegs dont bolt straight up, but can be modified to suit. Not ideal....

    • thanks for the heads up, didnt wanna buy and hope they all fit

    • I just bought pit bike ones off eBay fitted perfect they full size mine was the agi version already had the fold up steel pegs

    • Did a write up on fitting thumpstar pegs,halfway down page

      http://hondatrailcts.yuku.com/ topic/2920/Rallye-CT-Build?pag e=1

    • Run pivot pegz now :-)

    • Are pillions legal on posties ?

    • that looks sweet, its gotta be the most over looked part on a ct haha

    • nah but pillion pegs can be shock mounted. We already stand out that 2 up on a postie just screams book me :-)

    • Damn, Is it a big fine

    • i wouldnt know the exact charge but neg riding wouldnt be far off

    • Warrick Penfold

    • Where did you get your "post sticker" haha I love it

    • second on the "pist" sticker gotta get me one of those

    • My blue slip said number of occupants 2 on it so I don't know if the mechanic stuffed up or what but I'm hanging on to that one

    • PIST sticker is a old one from a charity ride .Got some new ones this year a mate Greg Sendall had made up .They r reflective