• Question I ride with 2 friends often One on a Honda Shadow and another on a...

    Question: I ride with 2 friends often. One on a Honda Shadow and another on a Honda something (he keeps telling me and I keep forgetting — it's a fast street bike. I know because he's left me in the dust at 75mph.) Anyway, they have plenty of power and comfort to get them through a full day of riding but I find that, while I more than keep up (as in 5 over the speed limit) and hold my own on the 250, I'm really only good for 150 miles r/t for a day ride. I get really tired after that.

    My buds, however, keep ragging me to ride longer and I can't seem to convince them of the fatigue factor. I feel every bump and vibration. Mind you . . . I don't guilt easily, if at all, so I just smile and stick to my story but I was wondering if anyone else has come to this conclusion.

    • Step up to a Corbin seat would help a lot.

    • X2 on the Corbin seat

    • The seat fits all years not just the 2nd Generation like they say. Also if you order. Tell them to move the rider back 2 inches that will help also.

    • Get something else. That's my solution

    • How about forward controls, might help to stretch out your leggs on longer rides.

    • If it's a 2nd generation. Blue Collar Bobber's makes a forward control kit.