• Question im getting mixed answers

    Question im getting mixed answers...

    In your personal experiences is it a requirement or strongly suggested that I change the o ring and crush washers when doing an oil change? This will be my 420's first service an dont want to screw anything up.

    • I didn't replace mine just follow your torque specs and you'll be fine.

    • It's a seal washer, if it's not messed up u can reuse it just make sure u clean the dirt off it before u put it back on

    • It's good to know it just a sealing washer. I have read places it's a crush, and couldn't figure out why they would use one with this set up.

    • Ok rather do it myself then take to a dealer. Thanks for info ill find specs an replace parts. I dont plan on doing plug its brand new 65 miles on it an runs great this was more of an engine oil flush to make sure there's no shavings from break in ect..

      Thanks everybody!

    • Well it does crush A little when u tighten it up big it's there to seal it. They don't cost much u can reuse them a few times but eventually u will need to replace it

    • I never did it and never had a leak.

    • This sounds crazy, but trust me it happens...

      Also on your first oil change Make sure you put oil filter in right way, and not backwards to stop oil flow. My son did this on his 350 rancher. I caught it a day later. Thankfully he hadn't ridden it yet!

      Filter looks like it could go both ways if it is foreign to you.

    • Mine is labeled on one side that says this side with spring to motor or something like that. This is my first utility quad an first oil change on a 4 stroke so all pointers or things to look out for are much appreciated!

    • Yes, your paying attention. That one small mistake could kill. They do have a few extra things to know with a larger utility.

    • I usually change my Oring every oil change just for peace of mind. But reusing it, you will be fine as long as it's not leaking. Same for the washer. All seals will eventually crush flat, and they are beyond dirt cheap...so I change them.