Question installing a 12volt adapter on my 2015 rancher I ve got the...


Question, installing a 12volt adapter on my 2015 rancher. I've got the instructions off the website but it doesn't say anything about these two wires wrapped in blue tape. Are they not used due to the connector?

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  • Good to know, I'm going to be getting a light bar

  • No fuses blown with all that wired up

  • Sweet! Didn't even know that! Thanks!

  • Take the tape off and investigate which is which. Go to the Honda power sports website and check it out. Using that connection will save u a shitload of time and headaches w/ the light bar. Best of luck

  • I ran all 16 gauge wire for every freaking accessory haha an in line fused in batt compartment didn't want to risk it. But still good idea!

  • Nope. No fuses blown and have operated the winch, led's, and boss radio(plugged into 12v) all at once.

  • Well damn my winch wires are like 6 gauge by themselves lol but they came that way.

  • The power to the accessory harness is fused accordingly. And its exactly that. An ACCESSORY HARNESS. its ,fused for this and has the extra wires to accept more than just a 12v plug in. Think about it, Honda wouldn't sell it like that if it couldn't handle it. Now I'm not sayin to splice and dice a billion things into it. But it is capable of the extra light bar or hand warming grips or whatever (10amps or under prolly)

  • Kenny I'm just using the relay off of the wiring harness for the winch. All power and ground is still straight from the battery

  • Oh gotcha makes sense