• Question is this set. hyper e stage bore up kit takegawa 143cc. plug and play

    Question, is this set (hyper-e-stage-bore-up-kit-takegawa-143cc) plug and play? Or do I need a specialist?

    • Plug and play just follow the instructions

    • Not hard to fit as BBK go. No tuning or dicking about either- just select your spec and go ride.

    • great thanks a lot

    • Do you need anything other than this kit?

    • Nope. The fuel controller even has a setting for stock exhaust with 143 if you really wanted to try that. Probably advisable to get the stronger camchain button from Ben Harman with your kit though.

    • Thanks Aaron

    • I fitted an Jodi afr so I knew it was spot on with the best fuel trim

      Because I had a larger injector I was different to others and their settings

    • Piece of piss. I recommend you study the process of removing and fitting a new bore etc from the service manual first :)

    • why a P of P?

    • Piece of piss = easy lol

    • lol, roger that :-)