Question on air filters for my 71 CL450 I am looking at both the original...


Question on air filters for my 71 CL450. I am looking at both the original style filters and the pods. I see most people are switching to the pods. Is that what's recommended and do the side covers fit if using pods?

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  • Heres a 1969 cb350 i just finished with stock carbs and side covers hiding UNI filters. Can't tell.

  • That is gorgeous!!!

  • I was able to fit k&n filters under the side covers.

  • Thank you! plenty of pics on my shop FB page Iron Alley Fabrication

  • I ordered both because I couldn't decide which way to go. I want to keep the original look but didn't know whether the pods were worth the effort to switch over to.

  • Beautiful bike!

  • Pod filters need jets changed in carbs to work. CV carbs always hate pods. Not that it won't run, or run well even.. just not as good as airbox. My .02

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  • Did you use stock boots in between carb and filter?

  • No, silicon tube with aluminum insert.

  • Here is the Dime City link but Johan Amy is correct, you can find them a few dollars cheaper elsewhere online. Always good to bundle orders from one site to take advantage of Free shipping whenever possible. ter-kit-for-honda-cb-cl-350-450-twins-and-cb550t.h tml

  • That's the way to do it. Creates velocity for the vacuum effect. Nicely done

    Even though you don't need it with mikunis... lol

  • I have some I'd give away... didn't work for me.

  • There is a guy on the twins forum that had repro's made of the originals that look very well made for $60 for the pair. He has them on ebay under Scoutb & that is Scrambler cycles. I know if it was mine It would be kept stock. I think a lot of guys went to pods as the original filters were unobtanium until this guy had them remade.

  • Scrambler cycle is where I ordered mine from.

  • I really wanted to go with pods but the bike was too complete so I stuck with the filters.

  • Uni-Filter used to offer a foam filter as mentioned here, but the rubber boot was angled 15 degrees. It allows a little more fine tuning with the fit under the metal side covers.

  • Make sure to use original style filters. These bike are really fussy about filters and exhaust. Modify either and carburetor trouble will haunt you.